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Free in the forest
Friday 28th June 2019

From the 16th May to the 6th June, 3 ODILS participants took part in a series of sessions called Free in the Forest. On Thursday mornings they all met in town and got the bus to Ham Woods for the three hour sessions. 

The first week the boys all got to know each other and the instructors. During the second week they tried their hands are whittling and learning how to find out how old a tree is. Week 3, which coincided with John Randal Day, saw the boys making green man faces out of clay which they stuck to the trees. They also supported some children who came to join the activity. On the last day they all brought Syrian food to share. It was a wonderful cultural exchange. 

On top of all the activity the boys learnt lots of new words that they wouldn't necessarily come across in a classroom. It was really nice to get out of the city and the boys are excited to be able to bring their families to the new area. 

Khaled— “Everything was exciting and we had lots of fun and it was good for English practicing. Everything was 
special for me”

Ahmed—”Beautiful and nice for people here very friendly and a lot of fun. Make fire and knife was the best”