Helpful Information

From tips on how clever budgeting can help you save the planet as well as your money to advice on mental health, we have put together a toolkit of helpful information on the things that matter to us. We cover money, environment, equality and wellness and more. Many of these resources have been created by Empowering Enterprise participants and other links are for organisations we admire and trust.

If you are a mentor working with someone with Autistic Spectrum Condition this helpful guide can advise how to adjust your practice to best meet their needs.

Use this handy guide on planning a week of healthy meals that will cost you less than £20 for a whole week's shopping! Complete with a shopping list and links to information on healthy eating.

For anyone who wants a go at hassle-free growing on their windowsill. 

10 simple things we can all do around the home to save energy that are good for the planet and good for our wallets.

Useful resources for young adults who have someone in the household who is unwell. They also have great support groups with regular meet ups and lots of advice for taking the pressure off.

Useful advice on starting your own business.

Sunflower is wellbeing hub, providing opportunities for any woman who needs support. Find a place to move on from y our past, develop your skills and re-gain your self-worth.

If you are in Plymouth and homeless or at risk of losing your home, this charity may be able to help. 

They provide a range of services and advice including:

Andy’s Man Club is a national charity providing a network of drop-in’s aimed at helping men open up about their mental health problems and reducing stigma.

Whether you are concerned about yourself, a friend or a loved one these helplines can offer expert advice.